Buying shower-toilet - Yes or No?

And there are bathroom trends that find their fan base and steadily enlarge.

Like the shower toilet, which is perhaps also a term for you under the name Washlet, shower toilet or Japanese toilet.

Whatever you want to call it:

We speak of a toilet, which offers more than the pure function as a toilet and additional extras.

The integrated equipment includes the integrated buttock shower and the heated toilet seat. Further details, such as odor extraction, hot air drier or light vary depending on the model.

Course Such a convenience has its price - the purchase, installation and subsequent operation.

This means that even if the shower toilet with all its finesse finds more and more fans, it is nevertheless no WC for everyone.

For all those who are still unsure about the shower-toilet purchase, we reveal here the most important basics.

The Top 3 materials for washbasins

Ceramic, mineral casting, Stahlemail. Which is the best material for sinks?

Material 1: sanitary ceramics
The traditional material for washbasins - and the material, like no other for "Bathroom" is.

The basis of the No. 1 tradition material is a mixture of natural materials such as clay, kaolin, quartz and feldspar. The mixture is shaped, glazed and fired at high temperatures.

Robust - the burn at high temperatures makes ceramic dense and scratchproof
Resistant - ceramic sink not wear out and see for years still looking good
Easy to clean - the smooth surface can be cleaned quickly and easily, even better, with special finishing
Insensitive - to household acids and alkalis and hair dyes and colorants
Versatile - more than 5000 different models alone here in the shop

Material 2: Mineral casting
Popular alternative to classical sanitary ware is mineral casting - like, for example, in the final basin cabinet combos.

The composite material is composed of about 60 percent minerals in powdered and synthetic resins and pigments. Visually and haptically, mineral casting resembles the natural stone, but is lighter and easier to process.

Light - who must pay the sink on weight, is with mineral cast correctly
High plasticity - unusual and delicate shapes trouble
Easy to repair - any damage can be sanded
Seamlessly adapt - for a modern look

Material 3: Stahlemail
As a material for bathtubs and shower trays a classic , enamelled steel is also gaining market share at the washbasins . To buy there are enameled steel sinks, among others, Kaldewei and Alape .

During production, steel wash basins are covered with molten glass and fired at around 850 ° C. Meanwhile Standard is the final refinement that repels dirt and lime later - like a lotus flower.

Impact and scratch resistant - thanks to extra-hard surface
Very hygienic - bacteria and Co. can not adhere
Modern, cool look - especially when installed in carrier plates
Elegant - especially when combined with steel Email bathtubs and shower trays

Benefits of walk in shower

Walk-in shower are open shower areas, where free-standing glass surfaces serve as a splash guard.

Practically a shower without shower - similar to a walk-in closet.

The splash guard depends on the size of the bath and personal wishes from "nothing" about individual walls (brick or glass) to a complete glass shower door included.

Usually completely made to measure, so that everything fits later.

Popular for the walk-in shower are niches or corners possible but is basically everything - right down to free-standing shower in the middle in the bathroom.

Advantage 1: More freedom of movement
Comfortable showers are generous showers.

Because they have no preformed cabin, walk-ins are independent from fixed dimensions adapt well to a variety of floor plans.

Advantage 2: Easy to clean
Clean shower goes faster than in the shower in the walk-in shower, because it has less dirt and scale attack.

The glass and floor surfaces are larger, but also smoother and therefore easier to clean. Modern shower trays and glass enclosures is also available with special coatings, in which dirt and lime roll off like a freshly polished car.

Advantage 3: Safety when entering and exiting
Walk-in showers are barrier-free showers without edges, with large entrances and on request also without doors.

This means getting in and out is fast, safe and uncomplicated. The popular "Quick visit to the pitch" is possible as well for less mobile people.

6 types of shower heads

1. The handbrake
The smartest of all showers is the DAS Basic for every shower. Because none is so flexible and so ingenious when it comes to hair rinsing.

The trend handheld showerheads with multiple spray patterns.Your nozzles can be switched in different way, so that you can use the handbrake also for a soothing massage.

2. The head bath

Shower heads are fixed showerheads, where the shower head is mounted at a height of 2.25 m. Your connection is on the wall or ceiling.

In the shower heads of the trend toward large-scale models with many nozzles goes, the care in the shower for a lot of feeling of wellness.

3. The shower set

Does also shower set, shower set or shower set and referred to a hand shower with accessories.

For example:

Wall bracket
(Thermostat) fitting
Or with everything together

4. The shower system
It is a shower set plus overhead shower and the most popular choice when setting up a new shower. Common variants are the shower pipe or the "multifunctional shower".

As with the shower set, different combinations are possible with the shower system: with and without brackets, as well as with and without fittings.

5. The shower panel
Is a shower system from a single source, where the roar and controls are installed in a narrow panel.

Looks stylish and offers the maximum pampering program.

6. The modular shower

Here can be individual units placed anywhere on the wall remain visible at the end of the controls and the showerheads.

for more details

What is the ideal size for the bathroom?

The ideal bath.

Not too small and not too big match to our daily lives and looks still really great from.

But where exactly is the right value? When should you plan smaller, when bigger?

For all those who are buying a house or remodeling with the size of the bathroom still uncertain, we have compiled the following overview.

With 6 factors that determine the ideal size of a bathroom:

Factor 1: The users

The first factor that determines the ideal size of a bathroom is its users.

The larger the family, the more space:

So that all (at the same time) can move freely
So that everyone has enough privacy
So as to keep all their belongings

Factor 2: The bathroom
The second factor is the amount and size of the bathroom facilities.

From current guidelines for rental housing construction, the bathroom consists of an average 2-person household consisting of a sink, toilet,shower and bath.

Factor 3: (Future) Restrictions
Slide especially young, fit people in the bathroom planning rather away from him.

Who thinks like turn, to be eventually perhaps less mobile?

Who long-term plans with his living room, his bathroom selects a size up.

So you will have plenty of room for bathroom equipment, which will give you and your partner enough room for movement.

Factor 4: Second bathroom
Another important role for the size of the bathroom playing additional baths, such as the guest bathroom.

Factor 5: the budget
If you have a small budget or want to save money, its bathroom plans only as large as necessary.

But beware: feel in the bathroom works only with freedom of movement - and put your plan for the next 15 to 20 years fixed.

Factor 6: Care

More square meters of bathroom mean more to clean.

Anyone who has a household help may not be disturbed at this point - everyone else should consider the size of the bathroom, how great is really practical.

For more details.

Which fittings fit well?

Now we come to an often neglected detail: The faucet.

It completes the perfect tub like a nice dessert of a fine meal.

They therefore, look calmly closely, which valve is best suited to your bathtub.

Three popular options for bathtub faucets:

The wall fitting - classic, cheap, easy to maintain
The Bath Mixer - extraordinary, chic tidy,
The freestanding bath mixer - noble, noble, noble

What should your bathtub be able to do?

Most of them look for qualities like durability when purchasing bathtubs. Slip resistance. And, of course, beauty.

Of course, these are all important features.

However, we recommend prefer to look only once, what should your bathtub can,to fit snugly to your everyday life. To them. Your family. And your habits.

At the beginning you should, therefore take a moment to consider a few basic things:

  1. How many people will later bathe simultaneously - you alone, with Partner / in, or at least with the whole family?
  2. Should it be a classic bathtub for full baths, or would you like a bathtub where you can also take a shower comfortably?
  3. Need special comfort elements, for example, children or elderly people to facilitate bathing?
  4. How often will you use your sink later - and how low maintenance they should be?

You will find: Even if the first performances are perhaps rough, they bring you a lot closer to your dream tub.

Guides bathroom planning: 6 steps to a dream bathroom

From the initial ideas to the advancement of the craftsmen we have put together how you start the project bathroom and what you should consider when planning.

Step 1: Collect ideas
At the beginning of each renovation are ideas.

This can be your own, but also from the baths of other people you can look a lot. Therefore look all around, where there are baths and collect free ideas for ensuite bathroom.

Step 2: Write a wishlist
The wish list is one of the most important steps towards Traumbad.

Because here you hold what you want to have everything in your bathroom later. This starts with big things like toilet,shower and bathtub - and ends with details such as hairdryer holders or make-up mirror.

Step 3: Set the framework conditions
Budgeting and scheduling may not be as much fun as choosing colors or fittings, but it's just as important - if not even more important.

Step 4: Find the right support
At any point of your bathroom modernization, you will need professional help.

The former, because they feel safer when a professional is involved from the beginning. The others later, when the actual rebuilding phase starts.

Step 5: Make sketches
Whether you plan to hire a bathroom designer or not - a sketch of your new bathroom you should definitely do.

Step 6: Locate the bathroom fixture
The bathroom furniture is often the first one to which all bathroom builders plunge. We recommend instead, instead, to look at the bathroom as a whole and only then start with the details.

For more details:-

Wellness for the home

The path to your own spa is neither far nor complicated. Steam saunas, Finnish saunas, infrared cabins and steam baths are no longer hidden in the cellars of single-family houses. They are increasingly being integrated into the bathroom and living areas. Therefore, we offer these hot wellness products in all desired sizes and shapes, with different functions and, of course, in individual design variants. The steam bath with magical lighting can be the refreshing morning shower. The bathtub with massage functions becomes a wellness oasis for body and soul, for back and circulation.

For more details:-

Tubs, wellness, whirl - the Joe Schwartz Spa World makes every bathroom an oasis!

Large bathtubs, room-saving bathtubs, family bathtubs, custom-made bathtubs with Swarovski crystals, gold leaf or fur, bathtubs with integrated shower, whirlpools and spa tubs, comfort tubs with door, shower trays and ducts Bath and every customer the right products. Whether big or small, whether luxurious or practical, whether single or large family. With the Joe Schwartz Spa World you build more than baths - with us you create individual oases with future-oriented refinements.

With the huge range of tubs offered by the Joe Schwartz Spa World you will not go swimming, but will build individual baths of tomorrow. The customer does not have to adjust, but the bath to the customer. The tailor-made custom-made trough and the self-assembled functions, materials and effects - with the expert experts of the Joe Schwartz Spa World, this is a children's game. Our product selection leaves nothing to be desired and our service makes you a professional tradesman for the "dream-fulfiller" in the bathroom sector.

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