6 types of shower heads

1. The handbrake
The smartest of all showers is the DAS Basic for every shower. Because none is so flexible and so ingenious when it comes to hair rinsing.

The trend handheld showerheads with multiple spray patterns.Your nozzles can be switched in different way, so that you can use the handbrake also for a soothing massage.

2. The head bath

Shower heads are fixed showerheads, where the shower head is mounted at a height of 2.25 m. Your connection is on the wall or ceiling.

In the shower heads of the trend toward large-scale models with many nozzles goes, the care in the shower for a lot of feeling of wellness.

3. The shower set

Does also shower set, shower set or shower set and referred to a hand shower with accessories.

For example:

Wall bracket
(Thermostat) fitting
Or with everything together

4. The shower system
It is a shower set plus overhead shower and the most popular choice when setting up a new shower. Common variants are the shower pipe or the "multifunctional shower".

As with the shower set, different combinations are possible with the shower system: with and without brackets, as well as with and without fittings.

5. The shower panel
Is a shower system from a single source, where the roar and controls are installed in a narrow panel.

Looks stylish and offers the maximum pampering program.

6. The modular shower

Here can be individual units placed anywhere on the wall remain visible at the end of the controls and the showerheads.

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