What should your bathtub be able to do?

Most of them look for qualities like durability when purchasing bathtubs. Slip resistance. And, of course, beauty.

Of course, these are all important features.

However, we recommend prefer to look only once, what should your bathtub can,to fit snugly to your everyday life. To them. Your family. And your habits.

At the beginning you should, therefore take a moment to consider a few basic things:

  1. How many people will later bathe simultaneously - you alone, with Partner / in, or at least with the whole family?
  2. Should it be a classic bathtub for full baths, or would you like a bathtub where you can also take a shower comfortably?
  3. Need special comfort elements, for example, children or elderly people to facilitate bathing?
  4. How often will you use your sink later - and how low maintenance they should be?

You will find: Even if the first performances are perhaps rough, they bring you a lot closer to your dream tub.

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