What is the ideal size for the bathroom?

The ideal bath.

Not too small and not too big match to our daily lives and looks still really great from.

But where exactly is the right value? When should you plan smaller, when bigger?

For all those who are buying a house or remodeling with the size of the bathroom still uncertain, we have compiled the following overview.

With 6 factors that determine the ideal size of a bathroom:

Factor 1: The users

The first factor that determines the ideal size of a bathroom is its users.

The larger the family, the more space:

So that all (at the same time) can move freely
So that everyone has enough privacy
So as to keep all their belongings

Factor 2: The bathroom
The second factor is the amount and size of the bathroom facilities.

From current guidelines for rental housing construction, the bathroom consists of an average 2-person household consisting of a sink, toilet,shower and bath.

Factor 3: (Future) Restrictions
Slide especially young, fit people in the bathroom planning rather away from him.

Who thinks like turn, to be eventually perhaps less mobile?

Who long-term plans with his living room, his bathroom selects a size up.

So you will have plenty of room for bathroom equipment, which will give you and your partner enough room for movement.

Factor 4: Second bathroom
Another important role for the size of the bathroom playing additional baths, such as the guest bathroom.

Factor 5: the budget
If you have a small budget or want to save money, its bathroom plans only as large as necessary.

But beware: feel in the bathroom works only with freedom of movement - and put your plan for the next 15 to 20 years fixed.

Factor 6: Care

More square meters of bathroom mean more to clean.

Anyone who has a household help may not be disturbed at this point - everyone else should consider the size of the bathroom, how great is really practical.

For more details.

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