Tubs, wellness, whirl - the Joe Schwartz Spa World makes every bathroom an oasis!

Large bathtubs, room-saving bathtubs, family bathtubs, custom-made bathtubs with Swarovski crystals, gold leaf or fur, bathtubs with integrated shower, whirlpools and spa tubs, comfort tubs with door, shower trays and ducts Bath and every customer the right products. Whether big or small, whether luxurious or practical, whether single or large family. With the Joe Schwartz Spa World you build more than baths - with us you create individual oases with future-oriented refinements.

With the huge range of tubs offered by the Joe Schwartz Spa World you will not go swimming, but will build individual baths of tomorrow. The customer does not have to adjust, but the bath to the customer. The tailor-made custom-made trough and the self-assembled functions, materials and effects - with the expert experts of the Joe Schwartz Spa World, this is a children's game. Our product selection leaves nothing to be desired and our service makes you a professional tradesman for the "dream-fulfiller" in the bathroom sector.

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