Guides bathroom planning: 6 steps to a dream bathroom

From the initial ideas to the advancement of the craftsmen we have put together how you start the project bathroom and what you should consider when planning.

Step 1: Collect ideas
At the beginning of each renovation are ideas.

This can be your own, but also from the baths of other people you can look a lot. Therefore look all around, where there are baths and collect free ideas for ensuite bathroom.

Step 2: Write a wishlist
The wish list is one of the most important steps towards Traumbad.

Because here you hold what you want to have everything in your bathroom later. This starts with big things like toilet,shower and bathtub - and ends with details such as hairdryer holders or make-up mirror.

Step 3: Set the framework conditions
Budgeting and scheduling may not be as much fun as choosing colors or fittings, but it's just as important - if not even more important.

Step 4: Find the right support
At any point of your bathroom modernization, you will need professional help.

The former, because they feel safer when a professional is involved from the beginning. The others later, when the actual rebuilding phase starts.

Step 5: Make sketches
Whether you plan to hire a bathroom designer or not - a sketch of your new bathroom you should definitely do.

Step 6: Locate the bathroom fixture
The bathroom furniture is often the first one to which all bathroom builders plunge. We recommend instead, instead, to look at the bathroom as a whole and only then start with the details.

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