Benefits of walk in shower

Walk-in shower are open shower areas, where free-standing glass surfaces serve as a splash guard.

Practically a shower without shower - similar to a walk-in closet.

The splash guard depends on the size of the bath and personal wishes from "nothing" about individual walls (brick or glass) to a complete glass shower door included.

Usually completely made to measure, so that everything fits later.

Popular for the walk-in shower are niches or corners possible but is basically everything - right down to free-standing shower in the middle in the bathroom.

Advantage 1: More freedom of movement
Comfortable showers are generous showers.

Because they have no preformed cabin, walk-ins are independent from fixed dimensions adapt well to a variety of floor plans.

Advantage 2: Easy to clean
Clean shower goes faster than in the shower in the walk-in shower, because it has less dirt and scale attack.

The glass and floor surfaces are larger, but also smoother and therefore easier to clean. Modern shower trays and glass enclosures is also available with special coatings, in which dirt and lime roll off like a freshly polished car.

Advantage 3: Safety when entering and exiting
Walk-in showers are barrier-free showers without edges, with large entrances and on request also without doors.

This means getting in and out is fast, safe and uncomplicated. The popular "Quick visit to the pitch" is possible as well for less mobile people.

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