The Top 3 materials for washbasins

Ceramic, mineral casting, Stahlemail. Which is the best material for sinks?

Material 1: sanitary ceramics
The traditional material for washbasins - and the material, like no other for "Bathroom" is.

The basis of the No. 1 tradition material is a mixture of natural materials such as clay, kaolin, quartz and feldspar. The mixture is shaped, glazed and fired at high temperatures.

Robust - the burn at high temperatures makes ceramic dense and scratchproof
Resistant - ceramic sink not wear out and see for years still looking good
Easy to clean - the smooth surface can be cleaned quickly and easily, even better, with special finishing
Insensitive - to household acids and alkalis and hair dyes and colorants
Versatile - more than 5000 different models alone here in the shop

Material 2: Mineral casting
Popular alternative to classical sanitary ware is mineral casting - like, for example, in the final basin cabinet combos.

The composite material is composed of about 60 percent minerals in powdered and synthetic resins and pigments. Visually and haptically, mineral casting resembles the natural stone, but is lighter and easier to process.

Light - who must pay the sink on weight, is with mineral cast correctly
High plasticity - unusual and delicate shapes trouble
Easy to repair - any damage can be sanded
Seamlessly adapt - for a modern look

Material 3: Stahlemail
As a material for bathtubs and shower trays a classic , enamelled steel is also gaining market share at the washbasins . To buy there are enameled steel sinks, among others, Kaldewei and Alape .

During production, steel wash basins are covered with molten glass and fired at around 850 ° C. Meanwhile Standard is the final refinement that repels dirt and lime later - like a lotus flower.

Impact and scratch resistant - thanks to extra-hard surface
Very hygienic - bacteria and Co. can not adhere
Modern, cool look - especially when installed in carrier plates
Elegant - especially when combined with steel Email bathtubs and shower trays

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